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Whether you’re looking for a unique, new landscape design that's custom-tailored

to your needs … additions or enhancements to your current hardscape or plantings …

or maintenance of your property ...

Paul L.I. Landscaping is THE BEST choice you can make for professionalism and quality!  Call today!


Looking for a “Deal”?   If a company gives you an unbelievable price, but you get an inferior installation, it costs you DOUBLE to repair their work.  Price is important -- satisfaction is priceless.

With PLI, you pay only once for a superior result!  Things to consider when choosing a landscape firm…

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Nursery & Garden Center

Come see our wide selection of beautiful flora... plus all the gardening tools and garden enhancements you can imagine!

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Victorian Flower & GiftS

Full-service florist on the premises! Each piece is uniquely crafted by our creative designers!

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         EP Henry             hardscaping products:   WE SUPPLY and install!

We are EP Henry Masonry Specialists. Click here to see our yard stocked full of certified EP Henry products!

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Save your Pavers...                     with paversaver

CLICK to view results of our revolutionary new cleaning & sealing system! You will be AMAZED!

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Tree & SHRUB Removal

We now specialize in large tree and shrub removal. Click here to see pictures of our expert removal services!

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Be sure to ask us about rainwater harvesting, too!