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Why do areas of patios or walkways settle and become uneven?

The most crucial aspect of a paver installation is the part you don't see! In order for your pavers to remain level and even for years of worry-free comfort and safety, the ground beneath must be properly compacted. Paul LI Landscaping uses the proper equipment for soil compaction during the installation process, providing optimal results that keep your pavers from shifting or settling over time.

Why do you only use EP Henry paving and retaining wall products?

The EP Henry products demonstrate time after time that they are a superior product, providing a long-term, quality installation with an extensive choice of styles and colors to please every homeowner.

What about competitor claims that their color goes all the way through the paver?

There is absolutely no benefit to having color all the way through the paver. It is more important for a paver to have a structurally sound bottom (unseen) with an attractive, long-lasting finish on the top, where you can see it.

What keeps the pavers in place? Aren't they laid in a sand product?

Pavers are, indeed, installed in a very fine sand. However, Paul LI Landscaping borders the paver area with a material called Rollock which is then backed in cement. This provides structure, and a containment condition that keeps the pavers from moving.

Why do I see weeds growing between some pavers, but not others?

When soil falls on the surface of pavers, it provides a growing medium for weed seeds to fall into the cracks and germinate. It is imperative to use a landscape tarp when working near pavers – or be extremely conscientious about keeping dirt, such as potting soil from potting plants, away from your pavers.

How do I keep my pavers clean, especially if I experience a spill?

Pressure washing will clean the pavers but some re-jointing may be necessary.

Paul LI Landscaping offers a special cleaning and sealing process, called Seal ‘n Lock, whereby the pavers are pressure washed with steam before the application of a specially formulated sealing product that protects and beautifies.  There is minimal loss of jointing material with this system and we have seen twenty year old projects returned to “like-new” condition!

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, there is no cost to obtain an estimate for proposed work. We will assess your property and make recommendations as to how you can achieve the landscape you envision.

Exactly what services does your company provide?

  • Hardscaping – Pavers, Retaining Walls, Driveways, Walkways, Outdoor Kitchens, Pergolas, Waterfalls, Pools, Jacuzzis, Boulders, and more!
  • Low Voltage Lighting - Outdoor lighting to highlight, add safety, and showcase your landscape design
  • Planting – Trees (small to LARGE), Shrubs, Annuals, Perennials, Mulch
  • Maintenance – Grass cutting, fertilization, chemical treatments, seeding, weeding, pruning
  • Cleaning and Sealing of Pavers - Special process that steam cleans pavers, then sealing product is applied
  • Also Tree Removal – in its entirety (not tree felling or large tree trimming)

What is the most important aspect of planting trees, shrubs, and perennials?

The most important criteria are the size of the hole and the depth of installation. You must allow for the root system to expand and make it possible for water and air to penetrate to the roots. It is imperative never to place the plant too deep.

Why doesn’t my (competitor) maintenance company ever warn me of a problem with my plants?

The two biggest issues with unqualified landscape companies are that:

  • Most just “mow, blow, and go”.
  • Many have no real knowledge of plant material and that lack of knowledge means that they cannot advise you about the specific needs of, or diagnose any problems with, your particular plants or lawn.