For Your Design, Construction & Maintenance Needs

~ Our Design department WILL create a look for your landscape,

or design a hardscape,
that is undeniably "you". ~


For superior quality and performance, we suggest EP Henry pavers, Brickstone and Stonewall for years of durability.

Driveways, Walkways, Pools, Patios, Waterfalls, Retaining Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, and Play Courts are just a few of the types of construction in which we specialize. Let us assist you in envisioning a spectacular and value-enhancing display -- and then make that vision a reality.

Best warranty around, on all masonry projects!


The trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials we use are of the finest quality and are chosen not only for their aesthetics but for the specific needs of your property.

From unique, one-of-kind, specimens to vibrant annuals and perennials, we carefully paint your landscape with living colors that are sure to delight the eye.



Protect your investment with continued care performed by our qualified maintenance personnel.

Our professional team of dedicated employees maintains that crisp, new image with the best of care. Complete services from cutting and fertilizing to shrub trimming and seasonal clean-ups are available.

Other Services Include:


From Concept to Completion: Designing of Driveways, Porticoes, Pools, Patios, all planting needs and much more!

We carry a full line of E.P. Henry paving stones and retaining wall systems. We use only the finest sand, rocks, boulders and much more!


  • Hedge trimming and pruning of shrubs: Expert pruning emphasizes the distinctive beauty of the plant and promotes plant health by stimulating new growth

  • Fertilization: provides nutrients to plants while stimulating root growth, resulting in healthier and hardier plants with more vibrant colors

  • Dividing and Transplanting: prevents root systems from becoming overcrowded, a condition which may damage plants and result in a failure to bloom.

  • Shaping Beds: tailors and beautifies gardens, allowing for a more customized look for various tastes and property designs.

  • Weed Removal: showcases the beauty of your garden beds and allows new and existing plants more room to thrive. We also specialize in tree removal.

  • Pre-Emergent Herbicide: prevents weeds, allowing plants more room for growth; provides a “maintenance-free” garden.

  • Annual Color: showcases your home during Spring (Bulbs), Summer (Annuals) and Fall (Cabbage, Kale and Mums)
  • Mulch: traps moisture during dry conditions, keeps plants cool in the summer promoting healthy growth. Mulch gives any garden a beautiful “finished” look and is offered in three colors (brown, red and black).

Weekly lawn maintenance that includes mowing of lawns, edging of walks, driveways and flower beds, blowing of patios and walkways and cultivating beds.

We also offer:

  • Spring and Fall clean-ups.
  • Lawn Care Programs
  • Lawn Care Renovations
  • Tree care


We provide a wide selection of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals including unique, hard-to-find specimens. Larger size plants are our specialty!  Screen out what you DON'T  want to see with our Large Evergreens.

We offer a full line of gardening products, such as Scotts and Ortho Products, soil amenities, gift items, tools, colored rubberized mulch as well as a selection of wood mulches, pottery and much more.